Monday, January 24, 2011

Silly Stories

Did you know that Isaiah has a whole other family and house and life? He lives at Pumpkinville with his mom and dad and brothers and sisters and goats and doggies and monsters (and whatever else he can think of at that moment). Wonderful things happen at Pumpkinville. Isaiah gets to play outside during naptime, he rides on the horses, he plays games like tag, etc.

Here are a couple of stories that feature Isaiah's fantastical life at Pumpkinville:

"Last night while I was sleeping, monsters came into my room and put my mommy in time out. And they jumped on the bed and made scary noises. Then they put my mommy in the garbage can."

"I have five doggies at Pumpkinville. Their names are Weehoo, Teewho, and Seenaw." (yes, I know that's not five names - but apparently he doesn't!)

"I ate my mommy." (When asked why I was still here, he replied, "No, my other mommy at Punpkinville!")

Silly guy.

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Jenny said...

Wait--is this the same kid that wasn't talking at all a year ago??? Amazing!

Rebecca Reid said...

My son has about 100 imaginary friends. They live in Florida (sometimes) and on top of our house with their mommies and daddies. He plays with them at all tiems of the day. Sometimes he shush's them during prayers, and I often hear him sending them to time out. It does mean he likes to play by himself, so I'm not complaining!