Sunday, January 2, 2011


Still no luck on getting that video from yesterday up. Sorry.

Today was just a regular Sunday. At the change to the new year, so did the time that we attend church. Now we go at 1pm. (A really terrible time to go to church, in my opinion.) Today I spent a lot of time thinking about my grandma, Helen. She passed away yesterday. She was 87 and had lived a wonderful, adventurous, filled life. I am not at all sad for her that she died - only that we won't get to see her anymore for a while. I know that she is so happy to be reunited with her husband after being separated from him for 7 years.

Richard has always had a very special relationship with Grandma. They had a lot in common, including an appreciation for the same humor and music. I realized, as I thought about their special bond, that Richard helped me love and appreciate Grandma more. Because I fell in love with Richard and his wacky sense of humor, when I discovered their shared interests, I understood Grandma more. And understanding someone is a sure way to love them more.

I got to spend plenty of time with Grandma in past years since she has been living with my parents. I'm so glad I was around her. She once told me that she and Grandpa never raised their voices at each other once in their more-than-50-years of marriage. I'm still not entirely sure I believe that they never raised their voices, but it still gave me pause. She and Grandpa did always seem happy and in love. And I most certainly do always want to be happy and in love with my husband.

Grandma made quilts for each of her Great-Grandchildren. She never got to meet Samuel, but she did make a beautiful quilt for him. Below are some pictures of him on the quilt she made. In the middle of the photo shoot, Sammy blapped all over the blanket and himself. Asher ran to get me a burp rag, and sure enough, it was made by Grandma too! So the burp rag made it into the photo shoot in honor of her.

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erica said...

I met both of them and I remember them. they had happy faces - grandpa and grandma. I remember that anecdote/story/tail/truth about never raising their voices. I've thought about it often. very often.

loves to your family.