Monday, January 10, 2011

its snowing in ...

Texas. Or at least it was. So I spent an extra day there. And this morning I got on the same flight I should have been on the day before. Sammy even got a seat! We flew to Virginia, took a cab home, got in our van, drove to my MILs where the kids were, drove home. It was quite a day. And now Im settled in to my usual spot on the couch with Sammy. I sit cross-legged on the couch while sammy lays looking at me. I make faces at him and hold up toys to entertain him while I watch TV. Its nice to be back, doing what I usually do.

Hows that for a boring blow by blow of my day? Sometimes this is the problem with NaBloPoMo. Lower quality posts.
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erica said...

it was infinitely more exciting than my day.