Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm re-reading Harry Potter book 7. And I'm just as into it this time around as I was the first time! I remember how the story concludes, but I don't really remember how she gets us there. So that's what I did today in every moment of my spare time. I know some people might not think that reading something like Harry Potter is a good choice for a Sabbath, but I feel that it's a personal decision based on how reading that particular book makes you feel. As far as resting goes, sitting around reading a book is the next step down from sleep for me. I'm actually relieved that I am enjoying reading again since I kinda over-did it on bed rest and didn't miss it for a while there. Anyway, I had to blog and that's what's on my mind. One more day of mandatory NaBloPoMo blogging after this. I'll miss it and be relieved at the same time.

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Mom said...

Its been great - thank you for taking the time each day. I love it.