Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hour By Hour

10:30pm - I go to sleep after one last late feeding of Sammy

12:00am - Asher wakes me up complaining that his leg is hurting. He is sent back to bed with grumpy slurred words.

2:00am - Sammy wakes up wanting to be fed. 30 minutes later I'm back in bed.

4:00am - Richard's alarm goes off forever because he's too sleepy. I finally whack him and tell him to turn it off, using grumpier slurred words. Richard gets back into bed and snores loudly.

4:10am - Naomi comes in and wakes me up to ask what that beeping was. Grumpy slurred words.

5:00am - Sammy wakes up again wanting to be fed. 30 minutes later I'm back in bed.

5:31am - I consider kicking Richard out of bed because he's snoring so loudly, but don't because I'm so exhausted that I'm already asleep.

6:00am - Sammy wakes up crying. I politely ask Richard to take care of Sammy.

6:45am - Naomi wakes me up to help her get ready for school. I stumble down the stairs. Richard sees that I am exhausted and sends me back to bed for another hour.

Bless him!

9:00am - The boys are about to leave for school and I am about to go back to bed.

Good night!


Jessica said...

I hope you can get in a good nap!

erica said...

that hurts. just painful.

hope tonight goes better.