Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finishing Touches

Sammy's room has really been a labor of love. ...Just mostly not MY labor. Sammy is sharing with Naomi, whose room was all purple (clearly not the right color for a manly man like Sammy). So the first time my Mom came to visit, while I was on bed rest, she and my sister Ruth painted two of the four walls green. Then my Mom made the fabulous curtains that tie together the purple and green. And I bought the vinyl froggies and embroidered the scripture about Sammy's name.
I think the frogs are the perfect compliment for Naomi's Princess room. You know, the princess and the frog? But I didn't want cheesy crown-wearing frogs. Just groovy frogs! Manly frogs.
Cute, huh? My Mom also made the great quilt that is hanging over the side of the bed.

And here's my finished scripture, which you may remember I started way back when I was flat on my back.
My sister-in-law, Kelly in Cali, hand knit this rockin' frog for Sammy. Isn't it just the best frog you've ever seen? He has such character!

And since I was on a role with putting finishing touches on things, I also added the picture of Sammy to our wall in the family room. Here's the before shot:
And here's the new addition:
The picture of Sammy was taken by my sister-in-law, Jessica, while we were in Mexico over Christmas. Isn't it adorable? Oh, wait...I think I've already bragged about that shot on the blog... oh well - it's brag-worthy.


Jessica said...

It's always a treat to see people enjoy and display photos I have taken.

angela michelle said...

that is an awesome pic--you can really see his sweet face

Clyde said...

Everything is SO sweet - from Grandma's caring touches to the framed photos and cute unisex room... But the little people in those pictures are just PRICELESS!

Rebecca Reid said...

I do love the frogs. very cute. I'd love to see the curtains that tie the purple and green together!