Friday, January 21, 2011

I Ferb*rized That Baby!

(I don't want this blog post to come up when you search for the Dr's real name, so I'm putting the * instead of another e.)

So, as you know, Sammy wasn't sleeping through the night. And worse than that, his nights were getting worse and worse. He was going 6 or 7 hours at night for a while, but then it started going down to only 4 or 5 and before I knew it he was awake more often at night than he was during the day! So something had to be done. I was so sleep deprived that I didn't even remember how I have solved this problem in the past. Let the kid cry! I am a believer in Dr. Ferb*r's theory that children need to learn how to soothe themselves at night. All it takes is a couple of miserable nights where the baby cries a ton. For further info on Dr Ferb*r's theory, have a look here.

Anyway, I geared up for starting this. I knew I wasn't going to sleep at all for about 3 days, but that after that I'd be OK. I put Sammy's port-a-crib in the basement so that all his screaming wouldn't keep the other kids awake. I went to sleep in my own bed upstairs, but planned on staying on the couch downstairs once Sammy woke up the first time.

Night One: Sammy woke up after just 3 hours. But I didn't hear him soon enough and by the time I got to him he was turning blue and practically hyperventilating. So I caved in and fed him to calm him down. Dr. Ferb*r would not be proud. Failure.

That day I worked on Ferb*rizing him at naptime, too - putting him in his crib awake and making him put himself to sleep.

Night Two: Sammy slept all night.

Night Three: Sammy slept all night.

What?!?!? How did this happen? It's too good to be true! I never stayed up all night with a screaming baby! He just started sleeping. Seriously... what? I did move him to the crib instead of the bassinet - maybe he likes that better. And I did stop putting socks on his hands so that he could suck on his fingers - maybe that helps him soothe himself. Or maybe the poor kid just really wanted to sleep through the night, he just needed a tiny push to know how. I don't know. It's weird.

But WHO CARES! The kid is sleeping through the night! I'll take it!


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Rebecca Reid said...

I hadn't heard of that doctor, but it was SO HARD to not get up at night when baby was crying. But my guy learned how to sleep through the night pretty quickly....I'll have to "read up" on this technique.