Friday, January 14, 2011


At about 4:00pm today Sammy was being grumpy so I walked into the Living Room with him, where it's a little quieter, so that he could fall asleep. I was tired so I sat down on the couch to rock him. And we both fell asleep. A while later somebody tried to wake me up to ask for a glass of milk or something. I vaguely recall mumbling to them to go ask Dad, who was working in the basement. A while later somebody came in and asked me for something else. I told them to get out. Then somebody else yelled for me because they didn't see me right behind them. By that time I had apparently slumped onto the floor (with sleeping Sammy). I finally woke up enough to realize that Richard had not come upstairs so I made myself get up. I stumbled into the kitchen long enough to get frozen chicken nuggets out and turn on the oven. Anyone who spoke to me was met with a growl and an order not to speak to me. Finally Richard came upstairs and ordered me to go to bed.
So I did.
For two hours.

I have never just truly crashed like that before. It was crazy. I could. not. wake. up. I've been working on getting Sammy to sleep through the night and what that means is that I spent about three hours last night half asleep on the couch, getting up every 10 minutes to give Sammy his pacifier instead of just feeding him to shut him up. Hopefully this plan will work - because clearly it's a little taxing on me.

More later. Still groggy.

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erica said...

sorry tired mamma. loves to you.