Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Drop Dead Drunk" Birthday Party

***No alcoholic beverages were consumed in the blogging of this post. Or during the party last night. We're good girls. We don't drink alcoholic anything. All these drinks we're talking about are just our best guesses as to what they are like going off recipes we found online. We substituted Sprite for any alcohol called for.***

Last night was Ruth and my big "Drop Dead Drunk" birthday party. It was a total blast! We spent all afternoon prepping food and the house and ourselves and it was all rewarded with a fabulously memorable and good time.
Here are the deluxe cupcakes that we made. I spent a lot of time researching how to get a huge pile of frosting on top like they do in the fancy bakeries. I got a tip to use a marshmallow underneath but that didn't sound all that appetizing to me. So I just put a small pile of frosting in the middle and then piled more frosting on top of that using a pastry bag. Then Ruth did the sprinkles. You can't see it well in these photos, but the top cupcake has the shape of a martini glass on it.
Here is Ruth and I wearing out "Birthday Girl" sashes.
This is my friend Monique enjoying a "Margarita".
Me with a "beer".
Richard with a "cervesa".
Here is a shot of our "Jello shots". They were a lot of fun. In the background you can see our "special brownies" (they had mint leaves in them) and our disco ball.
Here is Ruth with some of her friends. This was also kind of a "farewell" party for her since she goes back to Texas next weekend.
Here is most of the group of girls that was there. There was only one boy who came (other than the two men who accompanied their wives).The party was definitely a success. We had the Olympics Opening Ceremony going in the background. We played drinking games, chatted, ate and drank a lot. If there had been any alcohol involved in this party, we would all have been very drunk. Let me list all the drinks we had for you: Jello shots, Margarita's, Mojito's, Strawberry Daiquiri's, Pina Colada's, Beer, Ale, and Cervesa. (I think that was all...) I think my friend Monique had at least a dozen drinks!


angela michelle said...

You girls are so crazy! Thanks for clarifying that none of these drinks actualy had alcohol! Tell Ruthie I'm a huge fan of her in the skirt and boots.

Jessica said...

You throw the best parties! I wish I can attend one some day

Spencer and Kami said...

Nancy!! Oh my goodness the whole party sounds like it was a BLAST!!! Jello shots and huge cupcakes??? Why oh WHY did James pick that night to be crazy??


Shannon said...

How funny! I was in Richard's ward at Ricks and found him on facebook. You all have a beautiful family, how delighted I am to see such happiness. I think very highly of Richard, your a lucky gal:) My blog is if you want to find out who the heck I am. Take care. Shannon Milliman

ladyshanae said...

I wish I had been able to come but we were so busy packing and cleaning. I'm glad you had a great time, though! I hope I can see you again before we leave!