Saturday, August 16, 2008

A tie is so anticlimactic

But it's true. Richard and I tied in our weight-loss competition. Technically he was slightly ahead, but since he is a kind and loving husband he is sticking with the "that's within the margin of error of the scale and therefore it's a tie" answer. It was actually funny when I weighed in this morning. I was thrilled to see a one-pound weight-loss since the day before and ran downstairs declaring myself the winner. And I would have been... were it not for the fact that the scale was wrong. Apparently sometimes our scale gives a false reading on the first use of the day. So when I went back upstairs moments later and I stepped back on the scale because I wanted to see those low numbers again - I got a higher reading. And being an honest girl I had to go tell my husband and we re-calculated and declared it a tie. It was all really funny actually. Anyway, as a compromise, since we both kind of won, I only got a limited shopping trip of one hour today and only bought a certain item of clothing that I really needed - no "just for fun" stuff (OK, fine I bought one pair of shoes just for fun but they were on sale and I had a coupon and they're super cute so I totally couldn't pass them up!)

So there's the anticlimactic end of that saga. But it's not really the end - we'll do another competition since neither of us actually reached our goal. But give us a week on that. My goal for the reunion week is just to not gain all that weight back!

I'll post pictures of Richard and I's new buffer, thinner physiques sometime - but today I must run off to the next task on my list.


graffiti said...

Without hesitation - WELL DONE! and super fun way to celebrate!

angela michelle said...

Yes I definitely think you'll need a rematch. Soon you'll both need new wardrobes, and you want to keep the momentum going.