Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today I went to the gym with my new MP3 player for the first time. I totally got into it! I worked harder and further and was happier because of it. I've always been a fan of the tunes, but I didn't think it would make that big a difference. I was wrong. The endorphins were pumping, I was burning calories, and I was having a good time. And then I stepped off the treadmill. And almost fainted.

Ooops. I guess I worked a little too hard.

My body has always had a hard time regulating my body temperature in the heat. I have actually fainted in the heat twice. But now, in my older and wiser days, I've learned my lesson and am always prepared at those super-hot times. I drink plenty of water because if I don't drink, I don't sweat. And while that may seem like a really cool thing, not sweating is what leads to the fainting. And I'd rather not be known at the gym as "the chic that passed out". So I drink. But today it wasn't enough apparently.

Richard says I need to drink something other than water. But Gatorade and all that just seems like such a waste of money to me. It tastes like Cool-Aid and I don't enjoy it.

Anyway, tunes are good. I need more of them though. Here's my Workout Playlist so far:

Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
Better Life by Keith Urban
Black Horse & a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall
Buddy Holly by Weezer
I Will Survive by Cake
Independent Woman by Destiny's Child
Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
My Baby Loves Me by Martina McBride
Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
Survivor by Destiny's Child
The Distance by Cake


Jessica said...

You are doing great with your working out! It seems like you are very consistent (a lesson I need to learn). I usually don't like gatorade either, but during/after a workout, it tastes really good. if you get coupons, you can get powerade for free once in a while!

Nancy Clark said...

My absolute favorite treadmill song is Aha's, Take on Me. It has the best running beat. Whenever I want to quite, I navigate to that song and play it multiple times in a row to finish out my run!

angela michelle said...

Plus don't those fancy drinks have calories? Thanks for the tune tips. I need to burn some new CDs for my drive home.

Farmer Joe said...

One thing - Gatorade is nasty when drunk (drank? Drunken? Dranked? I'm losing it...) but it really hits the spot WHEN YOU NEED IT. Case in point - the next time you really work out hard, try some and you will see - it has what you need.

Farmer Joe said...

Oh yeah, how about some Creedence Clearwater Revival? Try "Down on the corner" It should get you moving.