Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a little busy

I guess I haven't been very bloggy this week. But let me just fill you in on the schedule for this weekend and maybe you'll understand.

My Mom flies in this morning. We'll pick her up at the airport (not the one closest to my house), have a fun day playing with her, and go on a picnic this evening (assuming it doesn't rain). Then we'll pack up all Ruthie's stuff and cry.

Mom and Ruth will leave to drive back to Texas first thing in the morning. (We'll miss having Ruthie around!) Then I'll clean and re-arrange the basement where Ruth has been staying to get ready for our next guests. I have my best friends baby shower from 2:00-4:00pm. Then more cleaning and re-arranging, grocery shopping and planning for our up-coming trip. We'll drive to Richard's parents house to celebrate a little cousins birthday that evening. At midnight or so our next set of house-guests will arrive. Richard's brother Carl and family.
(Oh, and somewhere in there we find out who the winner is of Richard and my weight-loss competition and the winner is supposed to get a shopping spree.)

I'm giving a talk in church (which I've kind of researched and thought about but not written yet). Hopefully we'll get some good bonding time with Richard's brother's family (Carl's wife, Stacy, is someone I truly adore and love). More packing and planning for our trip.

All Worth's mobilize and head to West Virginia for a 5-day reunion in "the big house" (a 5 story ski lodge that we rent with an indoor pool, big screen TV's and other fabulous amenities).

So...that's all kind of a big fabulous whirlwind of activity which I'm looking forward to and yet I'm sure will be exhausting. So I'll hitch-up my too-loose pants and enjoy every minute of it (while wishing for some down-time and a nap).

I'm sure I'll blog about who wins the weight-loss competition... as long as it's me who wins. So I guess if you don't hear from me Saturday you can assume Richard won and I'm busy fitting "pouting" into our crazy schedule.


ladyshanae said...

Better do the weigh in before the baby shower! There will be so many sweet treats (in purple and pink) that I don't want you to miss out on. Especially my friend's amazing pretzels.... they make me so happy.

So figure it out before so you can enjoy the yums!

Love you lots and gonna miss you loads!!! *HUGS*

Jessica said...

We will sure enjoy having Ruth back with us! Have a great reunion.

angela michelle said...

I don't think I could stomach another fun whirlwind! Glad you've had a few weeks of downtime! Enjoy Mom and Ruth while you can!

Mandy said...

Nancy, I saw your comment on my blog asking about cupcakes, did I answer it for you? If not, I'm so sorry! My brain is completely salsa-fried and I can't remember if I did or not. The key to mile-high cupcakes is to put a marshmallow on top of the cupcake then swirl the frosting around it. I'm actually making a bunch of ice cream cone cupcakes for a party tomorrow and I'll put up a post about how to make "mile-high" forsting. Hope you're having a great day!:)
aka Gourmet-Mom-on-the-Go

Clyde said...

Family reunions are the best but a non-stop storm of activities... so I wouldn't be amazed that you might need vacation from your vacation. :) Have a fun and safe in-and-out trip, anyways.

You'll be the weight-loss winner so post pics of you in your new oufits. You girlie girl!

Stace said...