Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend plans

It's the big Labor Day Weekend! What are my plans? Nothing. Richard is giving several big presentations in the coming months, the first of which is next week. So he's doing nothing but working on that. So my big plans for Labor Day were to take advantage of the gym being mostly empty and try not to go crazy. Then last night Richard starts to bemoan the fact that it will be hard to work in the house full of kids (What? They're distracting? You're kidding!). So I, having much sympathy, offered to leave.

My sister-in-law Chelsea (Richard's brother Roger's wife) offered to take me in. It went something like this: I call and say "Hello? Can I come to your house tomorrow and bring my three kids and ruin your weekend? Yes? OK, see ya tomorrow." See how generous she is to think of me?

**OK, OK, this whole post so far is riddled with sarcasm. My family will probably read it correctly, but the rest of the world will probably not get it.**

Anyway, the kids and I are driving to PA today to spend some time with some other Worth's. We'll be back Monday night. But in the meantime, you must go check out Wordle. It's so cool! I fully plan to print several and put them all over my house. Check it out at
Think of the possibilites! One with church words. One with inspiring words for pre-gym. One with nursery-rhyme words for the play area. One for Christmas to frame and give out as gifts. (Ooops - I shouldn't have told you that idea...what will I give you now?)

Have a good weekend!


Kelly Jo said...

oh man! why didn't you have another phone call that went something like this "Kelly, what are you doing this weekend?" "oh nothing, watching Kevin do homework and him working on Saturday and, you know, that kind of fun stuff." Nancy "want to come drive with me to PA to visit Chelsea et al?" Kelly "YES because we were going to go anyway until Kevin had to work on Saturday!!"
Oh well. . .next time!! :)

angela michelle said...

YOu're so smart to just figure out something to do without him! But quit telling people about wordle--I have some blogoversary plans for it.

Farmer Joe said...

Ang - too late - check this out. It is a bit cumersome in it's placement, but I thought it was cool enough to throw on there for a bit anyway: