Monday, August 11, 2008


I could be an Olympic Gold Medalist in:
Washing the Hands of an Escaping Child
Nap Assignments
Speed Diaper Changing
Clothes Shopping
Giving Praise When Children Do Nothing Spectacular
Oreo Eating
Repeating Instructions Daily

I could be an Olympic Silver Medalist in:
Speed and Efficiency Baking
Being a Good Friend
Jewelry Making

I could be an Olympic Bronze Medalist in:
Patience Keeping
Healthy Eating
House Decorating
Clever Blogging

And I would finish dead last in:
Healthy Cooking
Stamina Dealing with Whining Children
Bathroom Cleaning
Dealing with Confrontation

How about you?


The Broken Man said...

I think I'd get a gold in the "being optimistic about what it will be like having children", but definietly last in patience and all that goes with it!

The Broken man

Rebecca said...

I'm dead last on Washing the hands of an escaping child and speed diaper changing, as well as accessorizing. I'm least girly girl when it comes to fashion. But I'm a Gold medalist at laundry! I really don't mind it so much!

Rebecca said...

I should add that I only have one baby, so hopefully by the time I have three as you do, I'll be a bit faster and more competent at the baby things...

angela michelle said...

hilarious. I think I'd give you a run for your money on praising children for nothing much. They other day I opened up Jesse's diaper and said, "Well look at that nice little poop you made" and then I had an oh-my-gosh-lady-you-have-gone-right-over-the-edge moment.