Monday, August 4, 2008

Floating down a river is a lot of work

Richard and I had our "getaway" this past weekend. Saturday we woke up in our hotel and headed about an hour away for some tubing down a river. I was really excited about it. Richard had tried to convince me that we wanted to go White Water Rafting instead, but I was sure that tubing would be much more relaxing and more up my ally. And I'm sure it would have...had the river not been so low and slow that there was hardly even a current. We did a one mile trip and spent most of that time paddling with our arms or legs. But it was still a wonderful time. We went tubing, then had lunch, shopped, and had dinner (it seems like there should be a lot more time in there somewhere - I guess the other thing we did was drive. a lot.) We didn't see our kids at all that day! By the time we got back home that night, they were already in bed. It was a wonderful day filled with new memories just for me and my sweet hubby.

One sweet thing that I will always remember is that Richard carried my water bottle. We each had one drink that we were just carrying on our laps as we went. It was kind of cumbersome since we spent a lot of time flailing around (otherwise known as paddling). I even almost lost the bottle a couple of times (which would really only have been tragic because of the littering, not because I was dying for water). So Richard carried my bottle for me. And his. It's a a small thing - but it was just such a sweet thing to do. There. So the secret is out. I'm a little bit of a sap. I love that kind of thing - it makes me feel very loved.

This coming week is a busy one with some little thing going on pretty much every night. Somewhere in there I have to finish reading Breaking Dawn (which shouldn't be too hard since I read half of it yesterday). **I'm gonna guess that I won't be the only one at the gym today jogging while reading that book.** On Friday Ruth and I are throwing ourselves a big birthday party. We invited all Ruthie's single-friends and some of my couple-friends. It should be a blast. We're going to have a fully stocked bar. Margarita's, Beer, Bloody Mary's, Champagne, and whatever else we can figure out how to make virgin. We'll also have "special brownies" and some other goodies. People keep asking if Ruth is turning 21 or something. She's not. We just thought it would be a fun party theme. We're calling it our "Drop Dead Drunk Birthday Party". Wanna come? You can! Come on over!


Jessica said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I would come to the B-day party, if I lived a little closer

Kelly said...

I thought the party was on Saturday? Did the day change?

angela michelle said...

You're so smart to notice and appreciate little things like the water bottle. I told Roscoe that you said the third vampire book (he and I have read only the first two) has a lot of action and he wants to know if the loch ness monster gets introduced as Bella's third love interest. ha ha