Tuesday, August 5, 2008

an un-noticed interlude and TWINS!

You probably didn't even notice I was "gone", but I was. I guess technically I posted just yesterday. But it was hard. Tearing myself away was difficult. You see, the new book, Breaking Dawn, has had me pretty busy since Sunday. (If you haven't read these "vampire books" you are seriously missing out!) I've been reading in every spare moment. I even took it with me to the gym yesterday and got a seriously good workout because I wasn't even paying attention to how long I'd been pedaling (40 minutes), how high my heart rate was (too high), or how absolutely dripping with sweat I was. I was just READING. (And apparently burning calories too.)
I've been meaning to post pictures of my sweet Isaiah for a couple of days now. While Richard and I were gone this weekend he got his first haircut, courtesy of Auntie Ruthie. He looks adorable - as ever. But now I can really see why some people have a hard time telling him and and Asher apart. Before this it has always seemed to me like "Give me a break. One of them is a BABY. How can you not tell them apart?" But suddenly Isaiah looks a year older and so much like Asher that it really is freaky even to me. As soon as Isaiah starts walking regularly I think the question "Are they twins?" will increase. (But seriously, all you folks who have already asked me that question, how could they be twins if one of them is walking next to me and the other can't even stand up?)

So you tell me. Can you tell who is who in these pictures?

Whoever they are...they sure are cute!


Nancy Sabina said...

The answer to "who is who" is Isaiah, Isaiah, Asher, Asher, Isaiah from top to bottom.

Nancy Clark said...

They really are cute. And the twin comments only get worse when they are walking side-by-side--and mine are two whole years apart! (To be fair, their heights are getting more and more similar.) I think often people just ask the twins question without stopping to think. Which reminds me of a friend of mine (girl) who has a twin brother; people always used to ask her if they were identical. Hello!?

Richard D. Worth said...

Identical! That is too funny. I'm with you on the height thing. By the time they're 30, the practically could be twins by most measures. Well, time will tell.