Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hand With Pointer Out

If I were a professional photographer with skills and a fancy camera I would photograph Asher's hands today. I just love his little pointer finger that he uses so carefully. He doesn't do many things "carefully". But when he plays Hungry, Hungry Hippos, he loves to carefully push the button that makes the balls go flying. From the dirt under his fingernails to the perfect curve of his hand, I wish I could capture it all and put it in my pocket (or at least my scrapbook) to save for later in life when I will miss things like that so much.

Since I'm not a professional photographer I can more easily capture things like that with video. So here is a video of Asher playing Hippos.


Jessica said...

What a cute video. It's great how he shoots all the balls out, and then eats them up again. How many times does he do this in a row?

angela michelle said...

Those are cute little pointer fingers. Actually I think his hands are kind of shaped like yours (yours are less chubby of course :)
Maybe Jesse should get that game for Christmas.

Kelly Jo said...

Hungry, Hungry Hippos was one of my favorite games as a kid!! I love it! He's so cute.