Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crazy, Peaceful Sunday

I'm torn. Was my Sunday crazy and peaceful or just crazy peaceful. Ya know?

I really consider it a triumph that all three children were bathed on Saturday night. But once they were down I had a ton of work to do. Our Visiting Teaching Conference was today and I was playing a major roll in several pieces of that - starting with loads of printing (70 two-sided pamphlets, 70 questionnaires, one talk, and one "VTing Reporting Sheet"). Then I had to make two dozen muffins and oh, did I mention I needed to write that talk I mentioned earlier. And add to the list "watch Relief Society Broadcast". (Thank goodness for BYU TV so I could listen and bake at the same time.) Anyway, the point is I fell in to bed exhausted around 12:30pm.

Then up at 6:30 to get dressed before the kids woke up. Somehow we miraculously all were dressed and out the door on time with minimal stress and hair-pulling-out from me. It was the Primary Program today so Naomi ran her "lines" in the car of the way there. She was ready and pumped! Not at all nervous - just excited. Fortunately, Richard's brother Kevin, his wife Kelly and MIL Margaret were all coming to see Naomi in the program so I had helpers to manage the boys during Sacrament Meeting.

Naomi did so great! Her line was "And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world." And she nailed it. She was also supposed to say "I am a child of God" in Portuguese at a different part of the program, but somehow that part slipped by her and she never did it. I think somebody forgot to prompt her to stand up. But she would have nailed that too. I was very proud of her. And, importantly, she felt that she did a great job too.

Then was the craziness of the VTing Conference. But even that seemed to go well. It was crazy and hectic and we ran out of time...but in the end I think it was good. I was a little worried about what I was going to do with Isaiah during that part (my helpers only stayed for Sacrament Meeting) but I had decided not to stress about it like I did last time. I just did my thing and waited for an opportunity to come up that would take care of him. And when nobody just miraculously walked up and offered to take my child from me, I took him to the Nursery. He's only two months away anyway.

When we got home I was exhausted. But fortunately, so were all the kids. So we had a nice naptime. And then the rest of the day passed peacefully! The kids watched a movie, we did some crafts together, we played in the basement, etc. And before I knew it the kids were asleep.

So, it was crazy. And it was peaceful. But it was also crazy peaceful. See? When I use the word "miraculous" in this post I mean it. I thank my Heavenly Father for another day of helping me seriously. He was right there beside me all day. He calmed babies, or sent someone to calm babies. He opened doors (physically), or sent someone to open doors. He gave me the Spirit so that I could do a good job in the conference. He calmed my heart and helped me not feel flustered or overwhelmed. And I firmly believe that he put my children to sleep so that I could take a little nap too. What a great guy!


angela michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful Sabbath. Why are there always big events on the Sundays when there's no husband? Sounds like you put together a great VT conf.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. That is no small feat! I am already trying to plot strategy for Sunday, when Chris will still be in Switzerland. I don't have a good record of success for getting the boys to sit and watch conference. My arsenal of quiet activities seems to last for about 15 minutes, and then all bets are off. Nancy