Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fly me to the moon

The kids and I went to the Hudvar Hazy Air and Space Museum this morning. For you non-DC-ers, that's a big hanger-type building with all these old airplanes in it, an IMAX theatre, and an overlook tower that looks out on Dulles Airport's runways. The museum is about 15 minutes from our house and free (although parking costs a whopping $12). I've been there a couple of times before but never just for the sake of the kids and never since Asher was old enough to get the coolness of it. So, since we're looking for things to do to keep up busy this week we headed over there. It really is a very cool place. It doesn't really have the same "Shhhhh!" vibe of many museums although it isn't really geared toward kids either. It really is just a ton of airplanes, shuttles, satellites, hang-gliders, etc all jammed into a hanger. Some on the floor, some hanging from the ceiling. Anyway, Asher surprised me by sitting in the stroller in quiet awe through most of it (I thought he'd be running around yelling "airplane!" nonstop). And Naomi surprised me by being really interested in each kind of plane and asking lots of questions (I thought she'd get bored pretty quickly). Isaiah was content to ride in the stroller or toddle along behind us. It was a lovely morning with no tantrums or misbehaving. We even had lunch there at a little McDonalds and that went well too. And then we drove home and everybody went to bed. Peacefully. I guess I am in awe of how well it went.

Asher has begun to ask me "where we go-ying?" several times each day. Any time there's some down time he chimes in with this question. So the other day I responded "The moon!" and grabbed him and flew him around the room a couple of times. He loved it and laughed. Now it's like our private joke. He says "where we go-ying?" and I say "I don't know" and he says "The moon!" and grins at me. It's very sweet.


angela michelle said...

That IS very sweet. How fun that he's old enough to have little inside jokes with you. Sounds like a magical mornng.

Elieson Family said...

All I ever saw was the sign telling me how much parking cost - so I've never gone because of that deterrent. Now I know! And I'm a DC-er!