Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Updates on us

Naomi and I went to her preschool today to meet her teachers, get to know them, learn the rules, etc. A little orientation really. The teachers seem great and Naomi is so excited. She starts school for real this coming Monday. Wow!

Asher is getting a molar and it is really hurting him. When it first started he was all feverish and drooley and his face was red. He was clearly miserable. Now, four days later, he is just drooley and slightly miserable. Poor kid. He's living on Tylenol.

Isaiah is a pro at walking now. He must have just not tried until he was sure he could do it. And now he's walking all over the place! He does look a little like a zombie while he's walking because he puts his arms out straight in front of him.

I made some new things for Chic Made. Go check out the Sun Catchers! (And let me know if you think there is another name for them. I want to be "searchable" on Etsy.)

Richard is crazy busy getting ready for the first of his presentations that he is to give at a steady stream of conferences in the coming months. The first conference starts tomorrow! I am so proud of him for working so hard and for becoming an expert in his field.

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