Friday, September 12, 2008

Learning Heaps

As I un-cluttered the kitchen table this evening I came across some of Naomi's art work from school this past week. It occurred to me that she really learned a lot! Here are some examples of the ground-breaking things she learned this week:

Below is an example of the new kind of "people" that she learned how to draw today. She used to just draw stick figures. Also note on this drawing the details like eyelashes, eyebrows, cute little smile lines on the mouth, ears, and fancy shoes. Those are all new talents for her. The thing she was most excited about with this new form of people was that now she can decorate their dresses.

Here is an example of the first time Naomi wrote the entire alphabet. Apparently she attempted this at school but wasn't able to complete it. So I helped her with this one once she got home. She was so proud of herself.
You can't really see the best part of the below pic: she cut on the lines of the stars. She did a great job of cutting straight and stopping when she got to the stars.
Today I was excited to see on the schedule that Naomi was learning "Line Dancing". I thought that would be lots of fun for her. I was picturing something a little more Garth Brooks than the example below. Apparently it's "Dancing Lines" not "Line Dancing". She learned jagged lines, wavy lines, loopy lines, etc. Very cute.
I know that this is not a post that will excite anyone but maybe my mother, but this blog is also a family journal of sorts so I had to do this. Now I can throw most of this away and not feel guilty about it. (I think I'll keep the Line Dancing. I really like that one.)


chelsea said...

i'm feeling really stupid right now... my girls don't draw near that well, i'm so impressed! i doubt she learned all that in one day of preschool, she must have a wonderful mother that works with her!

angela michelle said...

I think those are very impressive. Probably the reason they had her draw that picture of herself is that they count the number of details (fingers, feet, eyebrows, hair, etc.) and use that as a measure of developmental/academic progress. (You know, when kids first start drawing a "person" is a circle with two dots on it.)

Rebecca said...

I always wondered what I'd do with all my child's artwork: I'm so glad we're in a digital age! Take a picture of it and put on the web, brilliant!