Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nursing Necklace

I was talking to my brother, Mark, the other day and he mentioned a problem that his wife, Kelly, was having. Really, I guess, it's a common problem that many mothers have with their young babies. That cute, little, sweet baby's hands while nursing. They're busy little hands. They grab Mamas shirt. They grab any blanket you try to put up for privacy. They grab Mamas...body. They're just busy.

I recently saw, on fabulous Etsy, a solution to this problem. A Nursing Necklace! The idea is that the necklace hangs low enough that the baby wants to play with the interesting textures and shapes of the necklace instead of... anything else. Some are even so cool that they double as a teether.

So off I went to the craft store (because you know I love a good beading craft!). I wasn't able to find something that would easily double as a teether (no glass, no treated woods, nothing that could break in baby's mouth) but I did find some interesting textures and things groovy enough that I thought Kelly would be pleased to wear them. I put the necklace together on satin cord with a knot between each bead so that if, by some unlucky chance, the baby is able to break the necklace, only one chocking-hazard-bead flings across the room. And then I went to the fabulous world-wide-web and learned how to do a double slip knot so that the necklace could be short-and-cool length or long-and-in-baby's-reach length with just a couple of tugs. And here is the result (which is in the mail to Kelly today!)

What do you think? Cool enough that I should make more and sell them in my Etsy shop, or a thoughtful gift but nobody would pay for it? Be honest - I'm not just fishing for compliments.


Ashley Marie said...

Personally it's not my style but i think it's nicely done and I would probably wear it anyways and adapt my style around it. :)

Hippo Scraps

Jessica said...

I like the idea. I also really like the big flowery "bead", and the other beads (as you know), but I don't think the 2 kinds of beads go together well.