Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm trying really hard to restrain my happy dance right now. Because the handy men who are currently in my basement might think that's weird. Those same men are the ones who are making me want to do the happy dance. They are busily installing a gate that is so long it goes across the entire width of the basement.

That means that in a few minutes it will be possible for me to sit in the basement doing crafts or beading or whatever with the kids down there too, but the kids won't be able to reach me! A barrier! Wa-who!

That means that I can send the kids down there by themselves and not worry that they might be getting into ... anything.

That means that I have more actual living space than I did a few minutes ago.

That means that I may not loose my sanity this winter!!!

Like I's hard to restrain the happy dance. I just gave my kids seconds on cookies to celebrate. They don't know what we're celebrating...but I don't think they mind.


angela michelle said...

That IS exciting! You must have made a lot of progress this weekend? Big gate? Real handymen?

Elieson Family said...

that is awesome.
is your sister gone?