Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

I've always wanted to do gingerbread houses with my kids. But I admit, I've never actually been brave enough to do it. But Grandma and Grandpa are! They even did it with 6 kids! It turned into a "Grandpa and the boys vs. Grandma and the girls" kind of thing. It was great fun.

Somehow I never got shots of the final products. But here is the boys' with at least the actual structure completed!
Then, of course, the funnest part of a gingerbread house is the eating of it! Isaiah got started on that a few days later during dinner. We didn't notice that he sneakily turned around in his high chair and started eating the nearest house! No wonder he was so quiet during dinner!

But at least he was happy!

A few days later I let Asher, Ginger and Isaiah go at the other house while I got a little work done around the house. I thought that was a very clever way of keeping them busy until they finished and I realized I then needed to add "mop the floor" to my list!


angela michelle said...

that picture of Isaiah in his highchair is adorable! man that boy is cute!

chelsea said...

oh isaiah, a man after my own heart. and really the houses made it a couple of days? impressive! it's so fun to see pictures of all your Christmas fun

Rebecca said...

how fun! We used to make gingerbread houses when I was a kid: and then we could eat them New Years Eve. YUCK! I remember nearly breaking our teeth.

But ours were never so cute: they were just an excuse for lots of frosting.

In recent years I wanted to revive the tradition, but I never felt like making gingerbread pieces that big (I did make the gingerbread men). I see you went the boxed kit direction. I should have thought of that!