Saturday, December 6, 2008

Minimal craftyness

I love being crafty. But sometimes the mood just doesn't strike me. I have several crafts lined up, with supplies all bought and ready, that I just haven't been in the mood to do lately. But then I saw this on the Crafty Crow and just had to try it. Minimal craftyness was required - and just a glue stick and some junk mail for supplies!

I'm not even sure what about it says "Christmas", but I like it. It's not green or red or sparkly. I guess it kind of resembles a wreath or a Christmas ball. (I used an LL Bean catalog which is not exactly the most colorful) Whatever - I like it. I see much potential. Like, one made out of a book for book club. Or birthday parties. Or smaller ones to put on the tree. Or a whole garland of them. Whatever. I love it. Click through on the link above for instructions on how to make your own courtesy of Zakka Life.

(And if you haven't checked out The Crafty Crow before you really should take the time to do so. Such genius craft ideas for kids. Some are more intense than others - but I've been inspired several times with fun things for Naomi to do there.)

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Paice Family said...

This is cool! I think a whole room full of them would look great for a party. You could even do them all white and they would look like snowflakes for Christmas. I might just have to do some. Thanks for the great idea.