Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today got a little crazy around dinner time (just like every other day). Mom is busy, kids are anxious and hungry, Dad is trying to finish something up "real quick". And Isaiah is trying to climb on the table and un-do all the setting that has finally been done. I guess it was somewhat apparent to Naomi that I was a little stressed today. She sat down at the table, took a bite of food she didn't really like, and said, "This is great, Mom." She swirled her spoon around in the soup a little longer, took another nibble, and said, "This really is great, Mommy." A couple more swirls and a slurp and "I don't think I'm very hungry." Then she cleared her dishes and went to play.

When did she get mature enough to know when to lie to her mother? And should I be proud or alarmed because of this?


angela michelle said...

Oh, I wouldn't really call that a lie. She was really telling you that she understands the effort you made to get it on the table. I'm impressed that not only did she read your mood and feel compassion, she came up with a very sweet and on-target way to help. Very very cute. I love picturing her swirling that soup.

I think I feel the guiltiest when the kids start saying things like, "Oh, you just relax, Mom, I'll get it"--like I'm a volcano about to blow or a wild animal about to charge--which I kind of am.

Clyde said...

Feel proud Nancy, feel very proud of her acomplishment. She heard you and helped you in her very best way. She's a sweetie!

angela michelle said...

so when are you going to tell us about your rolypoly Christmas and shrinking jeans?

Elieson Family said...

That is awesome! None of mine would show an ounce of sympathy in a moment like that - and that's what it was, sympathy.