Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Asher: (walking up as Mom unloads the dishwasher) Hi, Mom. I back.

Mom: Oh, hi. Where were you? (Just to be clear, he was sitting on the floor in the family room.)

Asher: I was at work.

Mom: Oh. What did you do at work today?

Asher: Eat chocolate chip cookies and go to da gym.

Mom: Wow! Sounds like fun. What else did you do?

Asher: Play wid da choo choo and track.

Mom: OK!

Asher: Bye.

Asher is a total parrot right now. He copies sounds, words, phrases, everything. He do-do-da-do's along with the background music of his favorite movies and he quotes lines from them. The other day as Richard was leaving for work Asher randomly said to me " and customers and ladders" and it took me forever to figure out that he was quoting a line from The Incredibles (Mr. I is leaving home and Mrs. I says to him "Have a good day. Help customers, climb ladders..."). He even had the right inflection! He is soaking up new words like a sponge. So much, in fact, that I can't understand him half the time because I don't recognize his pronunciation of the new words. It is so fun to see children in these phases where the world is just literally growing for them and I can actually SEE it happening.

...Now if only Isaiah were talking at all!

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angela michelle said...

isn't it funny how you have a database of all their words and books and things they've been exposed to, so when they come out with some unintelligible syllables, you run them through your database to come up with the match?
the customers and ladders bit is hilarious!