Friday, December 19, 2008

Pre Christmas Morning

Santa must have one really large, magical bag, because he is able to tote large presents all over the world with no logistical problems. I, however, am not quite so magical. So we opened a few presents this morning that were too big to make the trip. Asher got the Little People Garage, Isaiah got a box of new Lego's, and Naomi got a Barbie of Swan Lake DVD to watch in the car. I thought this also might help to keep the kids happily occupied while I run around getting things done today. It has helped some, but they're all fighting over the garage since that's the "coolest" of the presents.

Here Daddy does "some assembly required" while Asher impatiently waits (note to self: assemble before wrapping for Christmas-day gifts).

Naomi plays with the blocks. "Look how tall our towers can be now!"

Asher and Isaiah duke it out over one of the cars that came with the garage.

Asher is in heaven with his new gift. It's something he's been coveting in the church nursery for a while now. It's pretty much all he plays with there.

Also today was Naomi's Christmas program at her pre-school. Since she goes to a private pre-school, held in a church, it was really able to be a Christmas program (as opposed to a generic holiday program). They told the Nativity story and Naomi and her class were the "stars", standing on bleachers above all the rest. They sang a few songs and had cute little motions to go with it. Daddy even stayed home from work a little bit so he could see it, and Grandma Worth was here too - so Naomi had quite a cheering section. She did a great job of singing and wasn't too shy. I don't think she has much stage fright at all. The pictures are dark, but here are a few:
You can't really see Naomi in this shot, but you can see the "stars" standing in the middle, back. And the pretty church.

Here's a close-up of Naomi. She has a light blue shirt on and is standing right next to her teacher, Mrs. Bradish.

Here's Daddy with the kids after the program. We were so glad he could be there. Naomi didn't know he was coming so she was really excited to see him. (Look at my boys in their matching plaids! Aren't they cute?!)


angela michelle said...

I can't believe you're doing all that today! I'm a big believer in opening the presents before wrapping them to extract them from the packing tape and super-strength twisty ties and everything else. It's so much more fun when the kids can actually play with their toys when they open them!

Rebecca said...

oops. Our racin' ramps garage is wrapped under the tree. I guess I should go unwrap it and put it together....

Cheaper than the movies and there's free coffee said...

Your children are so wonderful. They're seriously angelic. I'm so glad I finally got to know them well.