Sunday, December 7, 2008

Party Saturday

Saturday was all about the parties at our house. First was a "Drive-In Movie" party at the church for the kids. Naomi and Asher each decorated a box to be their "car" and then they watched a movie at the church in their cars. They spent like an hour decorating their cars and all day afterward playing in them. (Isaiah and I shoe shopped while Daddy took the big kids to the movie thing.)

In the evening was Richard's fancy work Holiday Party. They have it at a country club and do dinner, some entertainment, and some dancing. This year the entertainment was a magician. He was a lot of fun, very good, and he had an excellent and very talented assistant from the audience...ME! (All I really did was hold up a little bag that he was pulling an egg out of or putting it back into every other minute and fall prey to his jokes about "oh, how I love when she checks if the egg is there" in a pervy way) It was a lot of fun. Then Richard and I danced the night away. We surprised everyone last year by showing off our dance moves (swing mostly) and so this year it was expected. I joked with the CEO that next year they really need to pay us since we were a large part of the "entertainment" for the evening. He then proceeded to "pay" us a huge compliment by saying that everyone enjoyed watching us so much because it is clear that we love each other and love being together.


angela michelle said...

That is a great compliment (even if he was a bit drunk). How cool that you guys have the moves!

That drive-in movie idea sounds so fun--I'll have to keep that in mind for Primary.

Jessica said...

What a fabulous dress you have on! Kids love boxes! The drive in movie thing is such a cool idea

Jolie said...

Sounds like a fun Saturday. Do I remember last years post before you went to the party that you were trying to find the right jewely? You both look great...too bad you don't have a video of your cuttin' a rug!!