Sunday, April 19, 2009

Asher's Birthday - The big 3!

We started our Saturday very bright and early, working on the sandbox outside. I dug while Richard went to pick up the sand and supplies. Then Richard dug, then we both dug, then I had to go to a baby shower for a couple of hours. And when I came back...

This is what it looked like! A finished sandbox! What a super hero Richard is! He also took care of the kids while he did this, fed them lunch and put them to bed. Wow!

As soon as the kids woke up from naptime, it was on to the party! We broke down and bought Asher's cake this time since we were busy building the sandbox.

And Asher got to keep the real Lightning McQueen toy! Oh, joy!

It was hard to keep Asher out of the sandbox long enough to do the usual birthday festivities. He kept running back over there at every nano-second of a lull.

But he did eventually open presents. He loved all of them (Toy Story figures, a book, Rocket from Little Einsteins, water-coloring pages, and the digger for the sandbox)

The digger was a definite hit. ...Asher liked it too... (Uncle Kevin may be ordering one of these for himself, he had so much fun.)

Naomi enjoyed the cake and other goodies. She was super tired from helping Daddy with the sandbox. She really did work hard with him!

Isaiah discovered that he could reach the Cheetos all by himself. He loved it! He kept going back for more, and each time he would look around like he had to be sneaky about it.

Did I mention he really enjoyed the Cheetos?
Here's Aunt Kelly reading the book that Grandma and Grandpa Worth gave to Asher.

The Toy Story figures quickly went inside so they wouldn't get lost. Asher went in to visit them several times. (Note the sand that came inside with him.)

Yeah. The sand. *sigh* What have I done?

After things calmed down a little, we came in for a deluxe dinner of Kraft Mac N Cheese. At Asher's request of course. We were still in a pretty silly mood!

It was the perfect day for Asher. 1. We spent most of the time outside. 2. He got Toy Story, Cars and Little Einsteins stuff all in one day! 3. He was good and dirty by the end of the day. There was pure joy on Asher's face pretty much all day. He was just so happy that, despite the fact that both Richard and I were completely exhausted from the hard work of the day, we were happy along with him. It was contagious.
Man, we love that kid!


Jessica said...

I was going to ask what your plan was to keep the sand out...

Jolie said...

What a sweetheart! I think Audrey was about that age when Gary built a sandbox for the kids. What fun! Do you know the trick of getting sand off of little bodies? Baby powder works miracles! Happy b-day Asher!

angela michelle said...

What a perfect day! Great job giving Asher just what he wanted.

Clyde said...

Beautiful day, great gifts and thoughtful parents. You just keep raising the bars for everyone.

I do not know What is the most amazing thing: the B-day preparations or Asher's eye-lashes... OH, BOY!!!

Spencer and Kami said...

WOW! Sounds like a fantastic day for a wonderful little boy! Happy birthday Asher!!

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