Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The NEW SOFA!!!!!

Did I mention I'm pretty excited about this new sofa?

First, I thought you might need a reminder/clue-in of the old sofa. It was old. It was used. It was slipcovered. It was a big, wrinkly, maroon, blob.

And here is the new one! Wa-hoo! So pretty. So blue. So... comfy country with a modern twist? Er somethin'. It always makes me laugh when people combine two totally different styles to describe something, but I really do feel like this sofa is modern country. Or maybe nautical. I don't know. ...It's pretty! OK?

And here's the whole messy room so you can see it in it's new place. Clearly, I need some more blue accents splashed across the room now, to pull it all together. I'm seeing a blue vase on my desk, a blue tie-back on the curtains, a green throw on the tan chair, oh, and some bright patterned wallpaper on the back of those dark bookcases.
Not that this really matters at all, but it's comfy to sit on, too!


Clyde said...

It isn't that your comfy sofa counts or not, it's definitely chic! But now my total focus is in the 2 years old boy that is standing on the table, right next to the back of your TV - he's like trying to blend into your imaginary redecorated room's view that you're just describing in your post... So funny.

Josh said...

Country, yes. Modern, yes. Nautical, eh... Well it looks nice and comfy anyway. I'll be sure to give it an operational test this summer.

Nancy Sabina said...

Isaiah does love to stand back there. We keep telling him not to and giving him consequences for it, but he just really likes it. I think it makes him feel bigger or something.

angela michelle said...

love the idea of putting some paper/wallpaper/fabric on the backs of your bookcases--that would look great in that room. Love your vinyl. (So ikea has a new fabric for ektorp slipcovers that's a blue floral that would either look awesome or terrible with your new couch.)

Spencer and Kami said...

Wow!! I LOVE the new couch. Modern country is a great way to describe it. Yay! By the way - your idea about the deck of cards and working out is AWESOME. I will definitely give it a try!

Jessica said...

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