Thursday, April 16, 2009

Livin' Life

I'm finding blogging more difficult now that my daily schedule has changed a bit (what with no more morning nap time). Isaiah is not a fan of me sitting at my computer desk and ignoring him. He comes and leaches on to my arm (which makes typing somewhat difficult) or insists on sitting on my lap.

I've been busily rearranging things in the house lately. Just puttering, really. Moving a shelf here, or hanging this there. But it's fun to have some "new" things.

We're in full prep-mode for Asher's birthday party this weekend. His birthday was actually earlier this week, but we aren't celebrating until Saturday. Richard and I need to get to work on the sandbox in the backyard since we bought him a ride-on-digger to go into said currently-non-existent sandbox. I also need to plan how I'm going to make a "Lightning McQueen" birthday cake. ...I'm thinking of creating a racetrack on the cake and then just putting a toy car on it. But who knows, maybe I'll get ambitious and really do it up good.

Here's some fun random pics of us livin' life:

This is Asher, donning Naomi's Easter hat, and holding his Lil' Baby Dinosaur (imaginary friend). Lil' Baby Dinosaur sometimes turns into Lil' Baby (insert some other thing). But he usually comes back around to dinosaur pretty soon. He's been a worm, a bird, and a cat this week. But no matter what animal he is, you always hold him with your hands carefully out in front of you like Asher is doing in this pic (and you have your face in the "gentle and loving" face that Asher is showing here).

Here's Naomi watching TV. I just thought it was amazing the position that she was in.
And here's Isaiah's favorite way to get around these days. He's quite a good little monkey.

So that's it. Just livin' life. And lovin' it.


Jessica said...

I have always wondered why certain children have imaginary friends, while others don't. None of my kids do, and I don't think I did.

Clyde said...

Imaginary friends are marvelous! We have those around here. What isn't imagination it is how good you're looking these days... Great pic of you and Isaiah!

SewsCute said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun. Also, I think that we have the same furniture!! The picture with your adorable little girl made me do a double take! Here is the blog with the professional pic of our furniture......

Is it the same?

angela michelle said...

cute cute cute! Asher just has so much loving and nurturing in him that he needs an imaginary friend to give it all to!