Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

I'm a little disappointed in these pictures. None of them are great. Getting all three kids to stand still for half a minute... Just doesn't work. But, here's way too many pics anyway. These, once again, really should have been in several different posts. Oh well.

First, an adorable bunny drawn by Naomi.
These pics are the Easter Carnival that we took the kids to on Saturday morning. It was at the church where Naomi goes to Preschool. It was cutely done - especially since it was supposed to be outside, but it happened to be pouring rain so I'm sure they did some improvising.

These pics are later in the day on Saturday. We went to Richard's parent's house for Easter dinner a little early. Naomi's favorite little cousins, Ashby and Avery, were there too. We did another little egg hunt there.

And here we are on Sunday morning. We didn't do another formal hunt, but we gave the kids their baskets. We put more toys than usual in their baskets since tummy's were still in a handle-with-care state.

This is my favorite pic from the last couple days. A nude Easter bunny!

Thanks for the great dress, Grandma Ashurst. These pics didn't turn out very well, but she looked very sweet. (And, yes, I know it should have been ironed. I just... didn't get to it.)
Like I said, getting all three to stand still... Plus, it should be noted that Isaiah did not really go to church looking like that. He was staying home with sick-Richard. So he was kinda half dressed and half not.

I have to say, it was a pretty odd Easter weekend. I didn't really enjoy much of it since I didn't feel well. Church was a disaster (I took a black eye courtesy of Asher away from Sacrament meeting). We had cold ham, crackers and cheese on paper plates for Sunday's "Easter dinner". Odd. But whatever. I'm mostly just glad it's in the past. On to better things. Next weekend is Asher's birthday party and I'll make up for the yuckiness of this past weekend by making that one smashing!


chelsea said...

thanks for posting these pictures. it was so fun to see everyone. how did we not know that all the girls had the same dresses?

angela michelle said...

that picture of naked isaiah bunny is priceless!