Monday, April 6, 2009

A break for lazy

I hate it when I have a back-up of photos on my camera. And my post-NaBloPoMo laziness has caused just that. So I'm gonna play catch-up today. Anyone using a Reader will have already noticed that I just back-dated a post for April Fool's Day. Here's a few more things that I mentioned in previous posts but never put pictures of up:

First we have Naomi's field trip to a farm. Below is Naomi with her two best buddies at school.

Naomi knew just how she wanted her hair this day. Apparently "farm girls" always have two french braids.
On our tractor/hay ride.

Below are the pics of the plastic egg garland that I mentioned we were making. The kids decorated the eggs with stick-on sparkly things. Then Richard and I strung them onto ribbon. The eggs come with a hole in each end - but this batch of eggs that I bought actually had two holes in the tops so I was able to string them hanging down instead of just length-wise (ya follow?). But, just in case anyone is thinking of trying this themselves, use smaller ribbon than we did. It was really hard to get that fat ribbon through the holes. We actually had to make the holes bigger in some cases.

Later we added a bunny face that Naomi made at school to the very middle of the garland.
Now, a brief word about this past weekend:
I bought a new couch! The couch we have in our family room is old. It was old when we got it 7 years ago. The cushions started shredding about 5 years ago, so we slip covered it. Then about 2 years ago one of the legs broke in half - it's been leaning against the wall to keep it upright ever since. And last week I looked at it and realized that even the slipcover is starting to look old and worn. It was time. So we did some research and found some options that we like at JCPenney and then realized we had a 15% off coupon for JCP too. So off we went. And we found a great one. It's mostly blue with a bit of a plaid design to it. I think it will really brighten up our little family room. I'm super excited. But it won't be here until mid-May. Boo hoo! (I have tried to find a picture of it online, but I can't. You'll just have to wait until it arrives to see it.)
General Conference was great! We covered the kitchen table with brown paper and set up a crafty area there for the kids. That kept them pretty busy and Richard and I were actually able to listen to 4 hours of Conference on Sunday. We didn't quite get through all 8 hours yet - but we love TiVo! The highlight of the day was when Elder José A. Teixeira was talking about "the freedom to choose". Except with his Portuguese accent it sounded to Naomi like he said "the freedom to shoes" and she got very excited. I guess she didn't know the gospel was all about shopping!
PS - I dreamed about chocolate dipped Peeps last night. Really. They're that good. I am not a fan of Peeps in general - but choc dipped.... Mmmmm. If you're looking for a fun Easter treat, I highly recommend them. The lady who did them for my bookclub last week dipped all of them except their heads. Did I mention MMmmmmmm!
PPS - This is possibly the most random, all-over-the-place post I've ever done. Sorry. It should really be like 4 different posts.


angela michelle said...

cute garland idea. You've got to take a picture of the old couch so we can see before and afters later.

Ruth said...

Yaaay! I love picture posts! The very reason I came to your blog today was in hopes that there would be pictures because pictures make me happy!

I love the garland, and I think the fat ribbon makes it look especially classy, so your work was not in vain.

And I always wondered why you never just bought a new couch! I'm so happy for you!

Rebecca said...

I love the pictures of Naomi on the farm. She is so adorable, and outside pictures always just look so good cuz the light is just right.