Monday, April 20, 2009

Sullen Isaiah

Isaiah has a serious side. I know I don't show it very often on this blog - probably because his cute side is so dang cute! Especially when he has just woken up from his nap, he loves to lounge on a lap and just frown and grouse. He likes to have his head touching my head. Then he sometimes gets grumpy and will push my face away, only to cuddle up to it again seconds later. It's really very cute and silly. I sometimes laugh at him - and he does not like that. He just needs a little grumpy-time so that he'll be ready for happy-time later. ... Don't we all.

I took this pic the other day when I was taking all those pictures of Asher. It was just too sweet to not include here.


erica said...

i think kids emotions are just like ours, but they aren't afraid to share theirs.

Grampa Earl said...

Those are sweet photos, even without the smiles. I like the serious, drowsy, borderline-grumpy snuggles. Always have.