Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick Days with a perk

We're all (well, most of us) sick, sick, sick around here. Isaiah started it and it has moved to me and Naomi so far. The laundry has been going full blast, but I'm not getting ahead (Isaiah went through 6 outfits in 2 days, all of Naomi's bedding, etc.). I spent nearly all of two nights ago awake and sick, then I spent nearly all of yesterday in bed and it's a good thing since I spent nearly all of last night up with Naomi. I'm a bit of a disaster. But, I think I'm on the mend at this point. I'm just waiting for Asher and Richard to get sick now. Anyway, I'm getting into the realm of TMI here so I'll stop.

You're probably asking yourself, "What's the perk to this?" Well, here it is.

Richard finally replaced his bike! (Long story of how he lost his old one. Summary: It was lost in a flood.) He has been seriously giddy. He went on his first ride this morning and very much enjoyed himself despite the 32 degree temp. Have fun, Babe!


Clyde said...

I REALLY hope everyone/everything get better soon... you can't be sick during this weekend - IT'S EASTER!!!

There is nothing more giddi-esh for a man than get another ride-on vehicle. Get some little bike trailers so it can be a family affair. :)

angela michelle said...

Oh Nancy, as someone who lived a life of excrement a few weeks ago, I FEEL YOU! Sounds like you're doing a great job staying upbeat. I think the other upside is that your whole family now has permission to lounge on the couch watching movies with crackers, right? Also, people can be as gross as they want on your couch because soon you'll get a new one!

Mark A said...

Sexy Bike. Put me down in the jealous column.
Oh and get better n stuff.