Wednesday, September 5, 2007

From a small thing...

From a small thing...big trouble has arrived. I realize that I could be talking about Asher. He is big trouble - and he did start out small. But alas, I am talking about my Gallbladder. Apparently it has turned against me. I feel so betrayed. Below is a picture that illustrates just how small this now-painful little thing is.

I won't gross you out with any details. Let's just say I was in a lot of pain, so we went to the Dr. and she said this is what it is. This afternoon I go to have a Sonogram to confirm what the Dr. is 99% sure of already and to tell us how bad it is. Then we will know if we are talking about surgery or treatment or what.

I am sorry to share such personal details with you all, but I figured any prayers that you wanted to send my way would be very helpful. I am pretty freaked out by the thought of surgery. And I am freaked out by the idea of ever being in as much pain as I was last night again.

Please don't share your horror stories with me quite yet. I don't want to know how bad it COULD be or how bad it was for you. I have plenty of worries all on my own. Some day, we can all sit around and share stories and compare scars, etc. But today is not that day.

Thanks for your prayers.


chelsea said...

I haven't had any gall bladder trouble, but I do know that if you have to have surgery, you will feel much, much better. That's good right? Good luck, you'll be in our prayers.

Jenny said...

My mom had the surgery and was home within a couple hours start to finish--you'll feel a lot better! Good luck and lots of prayers.