Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Breakthrough

The kids are currently playing so well together that I have stopped my preparations for an outing to Target and started blogging. (I think Asher has only one sock on at the moment, but if he's OK with that, so am I.) Of course, they can probably sense that I am blogging and will start whining at me any second. I am also showered, fully dressed, hair done, jewelry on - all of which was accomplished while they played happily together. I heard them jumping through the hula-hoop together, playing "animal charades" together, even Naomi "reading" a book to the boys.

*Naomi is calling "Mom!" and I am ignoring her. Oh, dear. She just said "Follow me" to the boys and is coming upstairs.*

All told, they've been playing together for about an hour and a half now. That is a miracle. I'm so happy. I'm so proud. I'm so relieved!

I see other people's children playing well together when we are at their house, and I have often wondered when my kids would get together in that way. They play in the same room, but they don't often play together unless I am leading. This breakthrough comes at a very good time since Isaiah is no longer napping in the morning, which means more time all together.

Also, it occurred to me this morning that Asher will soon not be 2 anymore. I am anxious to believe the stereotype of "terrible 2's" now that I am about to leave it. Of course, seconds after that revelation it occurred to me that there will only be a month when Asher is no longer 2 until Isaiah turns 2. Oh well. Small victories, right?

Now, where did I put those Bon Bon's?

(Just kidding. No Bon Bon's for me. I'm back to loosing weight.)


Jessica said...

I wonder if my kids will ever play nice together for more than 1 afternoon

angela michelle said...

That is a great accomplishment. I think kids learn to play together when you give them the opportunity to do so.--also when they grow up a bit from being a bunch of heathen toddlers. :)

Josh said...

Naomi is such a little leader. They really are such nice kids.