Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowy Memories

Not that my memories are snowy. I just mean memories about snow.

I didn't believe there actually was snow as deep as a person that you could sink way down in in the good Ol' US of A until I went to school in Idaho. It seemed like a fairy tale until I actually saw it.

My apartment at college was downhill from the school I went to. I had my purple, 8 eye, steel toed Doc Martens that I wore every day (like this only not so shiny)- but it was still a rough trip to school each morning.

To keep the walkways and roads not too slippery in Rexburg, they use ground-up red rock instead of salt. If you slip, it stains your clothes. (See above memory) One day I slid on my toosh almost all the way down the hill I had just climbed. And I don't mean on purpose. And people saw. And laughed.

My first kiss with one of the guys I dated in college (Dave? Was that his name? No. What was it?) was outside a cave we had just explored. We stood in the deep snow for a moment as we came out of the cave, admiring the stars. We were facing each other and kind of looking over each other's shoulders. He said "Oh! Look at that one." And as I turned my head, he kissed me. It was very romantic. (But he turned out to be a Mega-Jerk.) Edited to add: The Mega-Jerk's name was Ryan. I looked it up in my scrapbook.

The first time we let Naomi play outside in the snow, she was not happy about it. She did not think it was as fun as Richard and I thought playing with our first daughter in the snow was.

Today it snowed about 3 or 4 inches. The whole fam went out to do some sledding at a small hill around the corner (which the kids call a mountain). I didn't take the camera along because I just wanted to enjoy playing with the kids. We had a blast. Poor Isaiah was not a big fan of the standing around part (see above memory for a trend with smallish people). But we had a blast. The children weren't afraid at all and were troopers about climbing back up the hill after their turns. I even took several turns myself and really enjoyed it.

I'm pretty sure we just created a new "snow memory" for me.


erica said...

I loved your boots. I hated the red rocks. I don't remember ryan, but apparently that's okay. today, right now, it is about 80 degrees in Colorado. weird. no snow for us.

angela michelle said...

I heard you guys got dumped on. Was Richard working from home?

Nancy Sabina said...

Yep, Richard was working from home. He probably will end up doing the same tomorrow. It sure is nice that he can do that when needed.

chelsea said...

oh dear, doc martens were not the shoes for rexburg. they used to freeze and nothing is as slippery as the bottom of a doc marten. i don't think i had any, but i watched many a student slip and fall in them (and laughed, indeed i laughed). we didn't do any sledding this year and i'm actually praying we won't get the chance until next winter. you are such a great mom to give your kids those experiences.

Stuart Clan said...

Anyone who knew you will remember the shoes, the red slush, and how all the bottom of our clothes were red mud. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

ladyshanae said...

I did not like Ryan.


I'm glad you smartened up and decided not to like him, too!

Anyway - thanks for the snowy memories :) I love it! Makes me remember lots of fun times in the good ol' Rexburg. Yay!

SEE you soon! Get rid of that snow before I get there.