Friday, March 6, 2009


Ever since Asher got his new cars and trucks themed bedspread, I've been hankering to re-do the boys room. It is currently done up with a Beatrix Potter theme. There's shelves with stuffed animal Peter Rabbit and friends, framed pictures from the books, the books themselves, etc. And it's all done in a sweet green with blue accents. I love the room, but it doesn't seem to fit the boys anymore. It's too sedate. Too calm. Too babyish. (Eeeeeek! Thinking of them as not-babies freaks me out a little!)

So, clearly we're going with a cars and trucks theme now. But the question is, how? I have two walls to decorate (the other two walls are filled with a window and the closet). I bought a couple of sheets of cars and trucks Wallies (like stickers meant to go on walls). I thought maybe I could create a kind of chair-rail-height border with them. And maybe a vinyl wall quote about "what little boys are made of". Oh, and just to be clear, I'm not re-painting. I'm just re-accessorizing.

One major problem that I'd like to address is the top of the room. When I painted their room there was a problem with the painters tape and for some reason it ripped off the paint at the top of the wall all the way around the room leaving this ugly jagged edge. I originally said I'd just put some molding up there to cover it. But, frankly, molding is something I can't do by myself. And I think Richard is plenty busy with other things without me throwing "put up molding" onto his list. So I'd like to think of some crafty way to deal with this problem that I can do pretty much on my own.

1. Buy a wallpaper border. Maybe I can find one that's just an empty road so that the cars and trucks aren't too much when combined with the Wallies?

2. Buy a cheap paper border meant for teachers to put around classroom bulletin boards, ya know? Cheaper and very simple installation - but probably pretty cheap looking too.

3. ? I don't know. You tell me! Got any great ideas? Seen any cute places to seek inspiration?


SewsCute said...

How about a painted stripe? It could be any color and a little dry wall putty in any really bad holes up there will cover that right up. E-mail me and I will explain more. I had to do a lot of fixing at our old house!

angela michelle said...

I was gonna say painted stripe too. It could even just be white like the ceiling--although then you might find that your ceiling isn't actually white anymore.

Grandpa Earl said...

You could hire your father to come out and do crown moldings. I hear he does fabulous work - and cheap!