Friday, March 13, 2009

Cookie Parenting

I was talking with my Mom this morning on the phone. Asher interrupted for his chance to talk to "Gwa-ma". He told her wanted to go watch Wall-E at her house. Then he told her he was going to have "chocolate cookie chips" for a snack that day. When I got the phone back I told Mom that the chocolate chip cookie part was made up - there were no cookies in our house at the moment. Mom replied that she thought that was his little dream - his best-case-scenario - for the day.

After I got off the phone with her I thought to myself, "That 's a pretty easy dream. I can make that happen for my son." So we made chocolate chip cookies. And we had them for snack today in the morning and the afternoon. And this is the result:

Sure, money can't buy happiness. But sometimes cookies can.


erica said...

I think this makes you a good parent. If all it takes is a cookie, why not. I think it is really sweet that you made his ideal day happen.

angela michelle said...

way to grab the moment!