Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm watching

One of my favorite parts of having a backyard for the kids to play in is that I get to watch my children play unbeknownst to them. I get to see Asher stomping across the yard, patting his tummy, just because that's what little boys do. I get to see how Isaiah is often content just to watch his siblings from the sidelines - but he always has a sweet smile on his face. I get to see Naomi start and lead her brothers in a made-up game.

These are the mothering moments that I need to cherish and remember.


angela michelle said...

Yes they are the moments to cherish--and I think you're so good at that. (But I think it's also good to have a clear vision of what's not working so well in your family.)

earl said...

Oh, that makes me remember why I love all of you kids so much. And now you're all grown up, it's even better!