Monday, March 30, 2009

...running out of clever post titles...

I was thinking I'd probably not blog today since I'm sure you all got plenty of me and my family over the weekend. But then I remembered that I have to - for NaBloPoMo. Two more days to go. Then I can take a break.

Today was a fun day. Naomi's class had a field trip to a nearby farm. The boys headed off to Grandma Worth's so that I could go with Naomi on her trip. Naomi and I had a very chilly but fun time. The wind was blowing pretty hard and had a serious Arctic chill to it. After the field trip, she and I drove out to Grandma's. The boy's came home with me and Naomi stayed with Grandma for the rest of the day (she'll come home with Richard, later). The boy's slept in the car on the way home so I didn't get much of a naptime out of them at home. But that's OK I guess. They're probably more well rested today than they have been for weeks since we've been using the word "naptime" pretty loosely around here lately.

I'd show you some pictures of the farm - but seriously... You've had plenty of pictures lately. Maybe I'll add some later. (Those posts with so many pictures take so long!) I'm feeling very tired today. Just one of those days I guess.

Next up today: dishes, laundry, and prepping for carpet cleaning this evening. Man, my life is thrilling.


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