Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sock Problem

Problem: If the laundry room is on the main floor of the house, and I dress the kids each day on the main floor of the house, why on earth would I carry the laundry all the way upstairs when it's clean only to lug it back down one outfit at a time each morning?

Solution: Don't lug the clean laundry back upstairs. Just leave it on the main floor.

Problem: Keeping 3 kids' laundry in one small laundry room is a bit hard to manage in an organized fashion.

Solution: A table in the laundry room to leave stacks of the kids laundry on.

Problem: Socks don't stack well. And, honestly, I hate matching them up.

Solution: A small basket for each person's socks.

The baskets are from Target and cost $2.99 each. I hung them on a small picture-hanging hook so that if I ever did get a desire to put socks away upstairs, I could just take the entire basket up there and dump it in the correct person's drawer. They hang directly across from the small table in the laundry room for maximum ease during laundry folding. The kids' baskets are hung low enough that they can get their own socks out. I put their names and a small picture on each basket so they'll know whose is whose even before they can read. Halle-freakin'-leugiah!
You may notice that there is no basket for Richard. That is partly because these 4 baskets were all that was in stock at my Target, and partly because that guy has more socks than all 3 kids combined. He wears about 3 pairs a day. Don't ask me why.


Paice Family said...

I can totally relate to this sock problem! Especially white ones. I just hate folding the whites. There are so many socks that look the same. I love your basket idea! I think I may just have to borrow it. And, I'm not sure if you have the same problem I do, but I notice that after folding whites I always have 2 or 3 socks with no match. Awwww Man! Such is the life when doing laundry. :)

Nancy Sabina said...

Actually, I never fold whites either. We have two baskets for whites, one is in our room for the dirty ones, and the other has the stash of clean ones in it. We just rotate them as needed. I really, really hate laundry. Really. A lot!

angela michelle said...

LOVE it. You're a genius.

Mrs. Querido said...

Brilliant! I am so borrowing this idea!

Sandi a::k::a KnitMyRhino said...

Oh wow, I knew I should have bought some of those at Michaels last night...they are on sale (as well as the matching desks they carry)! I hate mating socks....I would rather make sock puppets out of old ones and buy new ones!

Ginny said...

Great idea, I have major issues with socks. My hubby wears usually at least 2 pairs a day, must be a guy thing, lol

Tanna Clark said...

I love this idea, I'm posting it in my weekly organizing idea file today!