Friday, March 6, 2009

Paint Problem

Clearly, you guys are not understanding the gravity of the problem with the paint at the top of the boy's room. The paint is like peeling off! If I could just paint it, I'd paint it the same color of green and pretend it never happened! But what do I do with the crazy peeling stuff? There's jagged edges all around the room. Believe me, I've thought about just going at it with a razor blade or something, but I just dont think it'll really fix it. Even if I went at it with a razor blade and then sanded some or something, I'm just not confident that the work would end with a finished looking edge. I really think covering it up is the only solution. But I don't know. Convince me some more.


erica said...

decorating ideas: car books from the thrift store - cut the pictures out and decopage them onto a piece of metal, cork, or just a board. then hang it on the wall framed in a thrift store frame that you paint to match the room.
paint: chair rail up high.
wall paper border
sand it down and peel it down and then faux finish the top in brown (sort of fading from green to brown or green to blue or something). It could look like it was meant to be that way.
I'd probably do a paper border.

Cheaper than the movies and there's free coffee said...

It's called feathering. You sand the peeling paint until all the loose stuff is gone and the green paint just gets thinner and thinner toward the edge. then when you paint over it, you can't see the line between the new paint and the old paint. Well, as long as you match the color...

Grandpa Earl said...

Primer is the solution to peeling. The question is what is the cause? What was on that wall previously to prevent the paint from bonding? The reason you need to know this is to make sure it isn't going to blister lower down. If you feel safe from that, do as Josh said to feather the edge. Prime it with a good primer like Zinser, and then re-paint. The primer will help it all bond together.