Saturday, March 21, 2009

visitors and art

We had two very special visitors yesterday. My college roommate, Shanae, and her new baby, Caroline, were in town. They spent yesterday afternoon through early this morning with us before heading back to Washington. Caroline was a long time coming so it's very special to get to meet her. She certainly lived up to all expectations! And of course I always love having my Nae around. We spent our evening chatting, watching Twilight, and cuddling Caroline. That's right. I spent Friday night watching Twilight. And it wasn't released until Saturday! made a little boo-boo and delivered my copy a day early - wa-who! Thanks, Amazon!

Sweet Caroline!
Today we had a nice, slow Saturday morning and then the whole fam worked on a special art project. I can't share the details with you yet since it's for somebody who reads this blog - but we had fun doing it.

*Note to self* Next time we do a family art project, don't just assume that the markers are Washable. Double check.

Now we're just having a nice, slow Saturday afternoon to match our morning. Ahhh. Slow Saturday's are good.


angela michelle said...

Sounds like a fun day. We had another busy Saturday and are vowing that next Saturday will be chill!

Rebecca said...

the washable markers thing made me laugh....

sorry, I know it's not really funny.