Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music Therapy

Chocolate therapy, retail therapy, music therapy... There's a lot of way's to escape reality temporarily. Last night I found myself fleeing my house as soon as the kids were in bed, needing some type of therapy. I decided to go get my hair cut (it's nice and short again now). But in the meantime I was stuck in the car in traffic for 20 minutes. So I grabbed my CD case (which doesn't get opened much these days since the kids are always requesting their music). And I found solace in Alicia Keys and her "No One" and "Superwoman". (Superwoman is especially good for those exhausted-Mother moments)

That got me thinking about what other albums have been my go-to's for bad days. In High School it was probably Alanis Morissette and her Jagged Little Pill. I'm not sure I if that ever made me feel better, but it's what I listened to. After that was probably The Dixie Chicks and their Wide Open Spaces. On my mission I listened to Women At The Well.

What's your go-to music for a bad day? Now? Before?


SewsCute said...

Jagged Little Pill was the one I listened to too!!

erica said...

you introduced me to angry woman music...fiona apple.

right now...I don't have any 'tension releasing music.' I should work on that.