Tuesday, March 10, 2009


* Asher firmly believes that his new shoes make him run faster. He runs everywhere these days. He used to take his shoes off the second he stepped in the door - now he sleeps in them at naptime.

* Naomi is spending the day with Grandma Worth again today. I'm not hating it as much as I did the first time.

* Isaiah has added a new form of communication to his bag of tricks: pointing. He thinks if he adds random finger pointing to his string of "uh uhhh huh"'s his point is more clear. It's usually not. He's not pointing at things (like his cup if he wants milk). He's pointing at the person he is addressing.

* I'm going to Utah in May for my friend Janae's wedding. Will I see you there?

* I won a giveaway on Bloggy Giveaways. It's a giveaway. No, I mean I won a giveaway. The giveaway IS a giveaway. Confused? I won the right to host a giveaway on Bloggy Giveaways. On March 23rd, Chic Made will be the main attraction! I'll be giving away 3 $25 gift certificates. So I'm spending a lot of time making new stuff and beefing up the shop.

* I made a necklace yesterday that I am VERY proud of. It's using a technique that took a lot of practice to master (and, really, I haven't "mastered" it yet).

* Asher has a new pet. "Lil Baby Dinosaur". He goes everywhere with us. He eats at the table. He takes naps on Asher's shoulder. He sets a good example by eating all his food at lunch. He sleeps with Asher. He eats rock and carrots. He is so small you have to cup both your hands together and be very careful when you hold him. He is imaginary.

* Isaiah doesn't understand why, but he's been walking around with his hands cupped (just like Asher does to hold his Lil Baby Dinosaur) lately.


angela michelle said...

Ooh, I bet you'll get big traffic from that giveaway! I love that new necklace--very chic and unusual. We've never had an imaginary friend here and I've always felt like we're missing out. Asher's sounds adorable. Maybe you should send Asher here in May :)

kashurst said...

An imaginary pet?! Lucky!! I can't wait to have one of those! (Though really, I'd prefer a real-live puppy)

kashurst said...

BTW I lobe, love, LOVE the nechlace!! Very hip! I think the birdie should hang on a strand a little lower, or from up higher on the chain. I dunno, I'm not the jewelry making pro! Don't pay no never mind!

Ruth said...

I love the necklace - very cool and creative! And I can only imagine how cute Asher is with him little baby dinosaur!!!!!