Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dedicated to Mom/Grandma

My mother's birthday is this weekend. As a special surprise for her, I'm going to over-do it on the pictures today and tomorrow. Because if Grandma's were in charge of blogs, I believe they would be 90% pictures.
We start on Friday afternoon. Here are the kids loaded into the car. It was a nice day - so no coats.
This is how we do Costco. First stop, diapers. Then the kids have a nice bench in the cart to sit on. Everybody is way too big and cool these days to sit in the "baby seats" up front.
Saturday Morning: Good morning! We're having Cheerio's for breakfast.

Did I mention that Isaiah had a little accident last night? Seconds before I was going to put him in his crib he tripped and did a header into the window sill. Caught him right between the eyes. This morning he looks a little like a raccoon.

Big plans for today. Daddy is taking the boys to The Air and Space Museum to see the airplanes and helicopters! We dress them in the same color for ease in locating them.
Naomi is heading to a girly birthday party. She must be appropriately dressed for such an occasion.

Mommy is going shopping! Alone! For two hours!
Here's Naomi, just back from her birthday party, donning her new shades that came in the goody bag.

Here's the new shoes that Mom bought for Isaiah. The cutest ever? Yes, I think so. I also got some cute Easter and Spring decorations, beads, and various other ... stuff.

When the boys got back from the museum it was naptime. However, Isaiah disagreed. No nap today. Instead he screamed for about an hour and then cuddled with Mom then Dad. (The raccoon face is definitely getting worse. What will it look like tomorrow for church?)

After naptime we went to another birthday party for our friend "Baby James" who is turning 1. Here Asher is, just back from the party, enjoying his mini Oreo's from his goody bag. Note that he's a twisty kind of guy.

That's our day so far. Now the kids are watching a movie and it will soon be bedtime. Richard is off watching a basketball game with some buddies. I can't wait for a little peace and quiet so I can make the plastic Easter egg garland that I bought supplies for today.
Stay tuned tomorrow for even more way-too-many pictures!
And Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you.


Ruth said...

I love the pictures! That is quite a pose Naomi is doing in the Costco cart!

Okay, this post was my little break from studying and now back to the books.

Grandpa Earl said...

Wait a minute! Naomi has red hair!?! And it's not only strawberry red, it's long!
I LOVE it!!!!!

Jolie said...

Is Isaiah Grandpa Worth's grandchild or what?! Those slanted eyes give it away! I'm impressed with your daily blogging. I'm lucky if I get one post a month in these days! Love you guys!