Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dedicated to Mom/Grandma, Part II

Well, good morning! It dawn's a beautiful, Spring-y day here in Northern Virginia. Some rain, but that's OK. It just makes more flowers bloom! Today we continue our Grandma-lovin', over-photo'n, TMI.

(If you lived near here, I'd have brought you a nice fresh bouquet of flowers from my garden. But since you don't, I'll just enjoy the bouquet for you!)

After breakfast the kids watched a new show that Daddy picked up at the Redbox last night. All about "diggersndumptrucks" (all in one word because that's how Asher says it). Asher was enthralled.

Poochy thought it was pretty great, too. Don't you love the casual coolness of his pose?

I even got in on the action and claimed a few cuddles. (Pardon the nasty picture. I think I look like 400 pounds in this shot. Those pj's and the angle of the photo are doing me no favors!)

Here you can see Isaiah's favorite way to get negative attention. Getting into the stuff on my desk. And look how happy he is. He got a serious tickle-fest for this! (You know my theory about tickling the bad out.)

Here's a shot of all 3 kids in their cute pj's as we head upstairs for a bath. I got no shots of the bath because Asher threw a colossal fit. *sigh* That's life.

Here they are all dressed for church and doing a puzzle. Don't they look like they even like each other?

Then lunch. Church at 1:00 makes our Sunday weird. Bath's THEN lunch makes no sense at all, but it's the way it must be. So we have learned to just strip the boy's shirts off during lunch. I loved this pic because I think Asher looks like some Polynesian chub-monger or something with that necklace/lei around his neck. And his deadpan "stop taking my picture" face.

Had to get a close up on Naomi's hair. I'm pretty proud of it and she got so much praise of it at church today that I'm pretty sure her head is too big to fit on her pillow tonight. (The flower in her hair was a find of mine at Pier 1 yesterday. $1! Marked down from $7!)

Church was lovely. Richard wasn't feeling well and ended up staying home with Isaiah (because why should he miss his nap if Dad is home and because I can't really handle both boy's without help anyway.) But Asher did well in Sacrament meeting thanks to the promised reward of making cookies with Mom later.

Here's the saint himself enjoying an after-church snack of apples. Random pic I know, but I just thought it was kinda fun how much he looks like a rabid animal in this shot.
And while we're on random pics, here's one of Isaiah with an entire apple slice (whole) shoved into his chipmunk cheeks. Also of note is the streak between his eyes. It is a little worse today, but not too bad. He must be a cross between a chipmunk and a raccoon (oh, and a dog, of course!). A chipcoonog. Or a Racmunkog. Or a dounkoon. Or something. ...Cute anyway...

While I was cooking dinner, Richard helped the kids decorate some plastic Easter eggs with little sparkly stickers. I plan to turn them into a garland. More pics of that later when it's finished.

Then we ate our dinner of Turkey burgers and mashed potatoes. None of the kids ate basically anything. So I guess it's a good thing I still owed Asher those cookies from being good in church. Must be time to make those!

And that about wraps up our day. Just one more thing...

(Asher's sign says "birthday" - but getting them to all hold their signs up so we could read them was more difficult than I thought it would be!)

Happy Birthday, Grandma/Mom. We love you and miss you. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you. It was fun to do this because it kept you on our mind all day. So, in a way, we did celebrate with you! Hooray!


Ruth said...

I love this! I feel like I spent the day with you!

angela michelle said...

so cute Nancy. I love the way you describe your kids. Naomi's hair is unbelievable. Turkey burgers sounds delish.

Spencer and Kami said...

What a fun day! Naomi's hair is amazing. I think I will need to take a few tips from you. I love to french braid my own hair, and I have been trying for weeks to do an over the head braid. I just can't get it to turn out anything like I want it to! I think you kids are pretty amazing to by the way!